Interested to work at Abroad? Read this.

This incident happened in 1997.

One fine morning, a youth from the fishing town of Malpe on the coast of Udupi district approached office of the Human Rights Protection Foundation with an unusual query.

He had brought along an application from of a Canadian shipping firm in Ontario for the post of receptionists, attenders and clerks, on a cargo vessel.

The salary offered was- a whopping twelve to forty-five thousand dollars per annum (12- 45,000$ per annum).

Every application form had to the accompanied by a draft of sixty-nine dollars (69$) as processing fee. The young man had come to the Forum to inquire about this clause.

The Foundation immediately contacted the overseas divisions of Nationalized banks to Ascertain the antecedent of the company. The following information has been gleaned from a number of sources including the Internet.