Late Sri. Rajiv Dixit a great Nationalist was an ardent promoter of Swadeshi Movement and was the national secretary of Bharat Swabhiman Trust.
He introduced the achievements of both Basrur Consumer Forum and Human Rights Protection Foundation to North Indian activists and wanted to spread this movement all over North India. Therefore, he invited Dr. Shanbhogue to conduct workshops in various cities of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan. Several seminars and workshops were conducted also in Maharashtra under the banner of “Azadi Bachao Andolan”
He was born in Nah, Atrauli, Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh and an Indian social activist. He received his primary and secondary education in Firozabad. He had done his M Tech from IIT Kanpur.
During his graduation, he went to the Netherlands for his research. At that time Rajiv Dixit realized the significance of native language for the first time and started his efforts to promote it.
When he returned to India from the Netherlands, his only aim was to build a strong Swadeshi Movement in order to support the local artisans. He wanted to bring awareness amongst farmers to adopt organic farming and get rid of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
In 1997, Rajiv Dixit met historian Dharampal who was then a professor in Europe. It was Professor Dharampal, who gave all the documents related to Indian Independence from the English Libraries.
Dixit founded the “Azadi Bachao Andolan (Save Freedom Movement) in the early 1990s as a campaign to protect Indian industries, at a time when Multi-national Corporation was increasing their presence in India as a part of trend towards globalization.
During his career as an activist, Dixit demanded decentralization of Indian taxation system, stating that the existing system was the core reason for bureaucratic corruption. He claimed that 80% of tax revenue was used to pay the salaries of politicians and bureaucrats and compared the modern budget system of the Indian government to the earlier British budget system in India. He has written some books 4-volume Swadeshi Chikitsa, Gau Gauvansh par Aadharit, Swadeshi Krishi and Gau mata panchgavya chikitsa.
Late Sri. Rajiv Dixit who introduced the achievements of this Movement to North Indian activists